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ON Mar 09, 2023

Not a fan of cheesecakes? Let us change your mind with some of our cheesecake-hater-friendly recommendations!

Don’t say you hate cheesecakes until you give ours a chance! Trust us when we say that you won’t be able to stop at just one bite!

1. Red Riding Hood - Red Velvet Cheesecake

If you are not a fan of cream cheese, then our Red Velvet cheesecake is the perfect one for you to start with! Our moist and decadent red velvet sponge cake balances out the tanginess, making it ideal for those who do not like the overpowering taste of cream cheese!

A bite into our famous red velvet cake reveals a finer textured, velvety finish, with a creaminess that is made possible with a combination of almond flour and cocoa.

A red velvet cheesecake with cocoa? Yes, cocoa. It is, in simple terms, a red chocolate cake, but it is different from traditional chocolate cakes. It is much lighter, and with layers of moist, fluffy cheesecake, it is very appealing to the palate. The cream cheese, a necessary component of a classic Red Velvet Cheesecake, acts as the perfect condiment to the cocoa by giving the cake the right amount of moisture without affecting its delicate texture. For that extra touch and pop of colour, we even provide a sachet of coloured chocolate rice that will brighten up anyone's day! (yup, even a cheesecake hater).


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2. Maneki Neko - Tangy Yuzu & Lemon

Our Yuzu cheesecake is the ultimate cheesecake for cheesecake haters to start with! Our ‘Maneki Neko’ is a light and refreshing cake that is not too heavy on cream cheese, making it perfect for those who aren’t a fan of cheesecakes.

A tangy and refreshing non-baked cheesecake with a vibrant, citrusy tang of yuzu and lemon evenly imbued into our silky cream cheese. Light in texture but concentrated in flavour, this combination of buttery base and rich yuzu cheesecake is to die for!

Like sunshine on a rainy day, this Japanese-inspired yuzu lemon cheesecake is positively invigorating. The perfect yuzu lemon cake for Singapore’s temperamental weather, enjoy this tasty dessert on a sunny day.

Try our Tangy Yuzu & Lemon cheesecake today, and tell us if we managed to change your opinions on cheesecakes!

3. Naughty and Nice - Devil’s Chocolate

You can never go wrong with chocolate! That is why our Naughty and Nice is an excellent choice for those who dislike cheesecakes but LOVE chocolate! The cream cheese taste is not too overpowering as it is well-balanced with our rich and decadent chocolate mousse. This richly dense and creamy chocolate cheesecake will create an explosion of flavours in your mouth, leaving you wanting more!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been Naughty or Nice – we don’t discriminate. In fact, we’re all for balance and harmony, so we’ve put together this indulgent two-in-one masterpiece that marries a decadent Devil’s chocolate cake with the most luscious cream cheese. The result? A devilishly decadent chocolate cheesecake with premium couverture chocolate.

Add our Devil’s Chocolate Cake into your cart now, and trust us when we say this will be the best thing you have ever tasted.

4. Sicilian Wild Cats - World’s Best Tiramisu

If you hate cheesecakes but LOVE tiramisu, this is the ONE FOR YOU! After all, who can resist a delicious and robust tiramisu, RIGHT? The cream cheese in our ‘Sicilian Wild Cats’ pairs perfectly with the strong and aromatic espresso, creating the most irresistible and luscious dessert.

Spiked with espresso, and constructed with mascarpone cheese, cream and espresso-soaked lady’s fingers, our rendition of tiramisu cheesecake sure doesn’t hold back the punches – prepare to be hit full-on with all those marvellously bold flavours of coffee and cheese in this non-baked cheesecake!

 Try our Sicilian Wild Cat, also known as Singapore’s Best Tiramisu, and we guarantee you that you will convert from a cheesecake hater to a cheesecake lover!

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