Perfect Father’s Day Gifts!

ON May 29, 2023

Now that Mother’s Day is over, we can’t forget our awesome Dads! With Father’s Day around the corner, this is the perfect time to hunt for gifts that will make your Dad feel more loved and appreciated. Need some help finding that perfect gift? Fret not, CAT is here to save the day with desserts that will definitely put a smile on his face! What better way to say ‘I Love You Dad’ than to surprise him with the best cheesecakes in Singapore? Yum!

Starting off with a classic, we have Cookies & Cream cheesecake! Gift your dad a slice of this beautifully crafted cheesecake and he will surely be delighted! Sitting on top of rich and decadent cream cheese are finely chopped OREO® crumbs, both complementing each other to give you the perfect textural excitement. Rated by many as the best cookies and cream cheesecake in Singapore, The Modern Duke’s Pudding is the timeless treat for your Dad! Sweet, Tasty, and Scrumptious. All the best flavours of a cheesecake in one bite. Our Dads deserve the best and for that, our OREO® Cookies & Cream cheesecake is the perfect gift to remind them how special they are!

If you want this Father’s Day to be unique, indulge in this Black Sesame cheesecake! One taste of this cheesecake, and your Dad will be wanting it every Father’s Day. This beautiful triple-layer cheesecake is made from the finest ingredients. Starting from the bottom to the top, the OREO® Cookie base has the perfect combination of buttery and subtle chocolatey taste. That’s not all! Be prepared to be amazed at a whole new level as you sink your teeth into the softest, pillow-like Sesame Sponge Cake. To seal the deal, our Chantilly Cream topped with Black Sesame Powder will leave you regretting not trying this cheesecake sooner. Creamy, Unique, and Irresistible! When there’s Black Sesame cheesecake, there’s Happiness. Don’t wait! Come try our irresistible cheesecakes, perfect to enjoy on Father’s Day! 

Yes! You read correctly! Durian Cheesecake! The durian fruit is also widely known as ‘The King of Fruits’ and for good reasons. Besides the unique taste, this fruit symbolises unlimited power, ferocity, and boldness. Expressing the underlying message of the Durian Cheesecake through a slice of the cheesecake could be the most creative way to show your Dad how much he means to you. Treat your Dad like a King on Father’s Day with our Durian Cheesecake! This delightful treat not only looks mouth-watering, but it also has the perfect concoction of flavours. Featuring a golden brown exterior, conjured with creamy and silky quality cream cheese sits a generous portion of pure aromatic Musang King pulp. This cheesecake is perfect for all your special moments in life. Make your Father’s day with a slice of this delectable half-baked cheesecake.

A short message for all Dads from CAT:

On this special day, CAT wishes all fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day! We hope that this Father’s Day brings you joy, love, and cherished memories with your loved ones.


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