Taste the Brand New Hazelnut Chocolate, and Biscoff Cheesecakes from Cat & the Fiddle

ON Aug 02, 2023

Written by BYKiDo

Photos: Cat & the Fiddle 

Dates: Till 31 Aug

2023 Known for its artistically and meticulously crafted cheesecakes, homegrown brand Cat & the Fiddle has a stellar collection of perennial classics and unique Asian-inspired flavours. Cat & the Fiddle's cheesecakes are made for every occasion, celebration and treat-me moment. To celebrate Singapore's National Day, the outlets and online store will present two new variants, Hazelnut Chocolate and Biscoff cheesecakes.

Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake

Hop on a gastronomic journey with Cat & the Fiddle’s limited-edition, Hazelnut Chocolate cheesecake, a Nut-Cho Fantasy, an alluring treat for those who adore anything chocolate, with a surprise waiting at every layer. Taste buds will be tantalised by generous chocolate mousse, and hazelnut mousse, all made with premium quality cream cheese, paired with the delicately light and fluffy chocolate sponge. The crispy feuilletine presents a twist to the overall texture of the dessert, for a perfectly balanced cheesecake. The luscious rocher glaze that blankets the cake is a crucial finishing touch, bringing all the layers together.

Biscoff Cheesecake

Adding to the list of innovative cheesecake offerings is the brand new Biscoff cheesecake. This Spe-CATular Spread casts a spotlight on its generously filled non-baked Biscoff cream cheese mousse wrapped around a layer of classic vanilla sponge. The foundation of this cake is lined with the deliciously comforting butter biscuit base, and generously glazed with Biscoff spread. Every mouthful will be accompanied by crunch from the Biscoff biscuit crumbs sprinkled on the cake. This limited-edition flavour is truly a light yet hearty treat for any occasion, or as a nice dessert to complete each meal.

Limited Time Editions

The Hazelnut Chocolate, and Biscoff cheesecakes are limited-time specials and are Halal-certified. Available from now until 31 August 2023, visit the nearest Cat & the Fiddle retail store to treat yourself with a slice of happiness, or a generous whole cake to enjoy with family, friends, and colleagues. Each slice retails at S$7.90, and S$58.90 for a 7-inch whole cake that can be cut up to 10 hearty slices.

Order the Hazelnut chocolate and Biscoff cake at and at all Cat & the Fiddle outlets island-wide for a limited time only.


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Be the first to know about our special offers, new product launches, and events.