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Created by award-winning pâtissier Daniel Tay, we provide the best cheesecake flavours for all occasions.

You don’t need a reason to devour some delicious cheesecakes. Just order a slice or two and simply enjoy it with your loved ones! If you are looking for a birthday cake, choose from our wide array of flavours and simply indulge!

As of 10 November 2019, all of Cat & the Fiddle cheesecakes are officially Halal-certified by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS).

Best Cheesecake Flavours – ideal as your next birthday cake!

Our cheesecake flavours range from the classics to the unique pairings with local delights. Some of our classic cheesecakes include The Modern Duke’s Pudding, Over the Moon and Apple of My Eye. For those craving a little Singaporean in each bite, our Milo Dinosaur, Paws of Fury and King Cat of the Mountain cheesecake options are to die for. Some unique flavours also include the lemon and yuzu flavoured Maneki Neko as well as the Sweet and Smokey Taffy. Next time you look for your birthday cake, take a pick from cheesecake flavours!

Browse our cheesecake menu below. You can also filter our options should you have any dairy, eggs, peanut or tree nut allergies. We also have promotions for our cheesecakes. Click here to check them out. 


Lifestyle Asia – “One of best cheesecakes spots to visit in Singapore”

Goodyfeed Singapore – “Cheesecake so good till you forget your calories”

Collection and Delivery

You can have your cheesecake delivered to you or you can choose to self-collect. We also cater to same day delivery requests in Singapore.

Please note that free delivery is only applicable for orders above $90.

More About Our Chef

Chef Tay’s creativity speaks volumes and is displayed in our range of cheesecake flavours, making them an ideal option for a birthday cake. With close to 20 years of professional experience, along with a gallery of awards, he opened Cat & the Fiddle. Read more about him here.

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Cat-and-the-Fiddle Red Velvet Cheese Roll-Meowjulah Singapurra-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Red Velvet Cheese Roll-Meowjulah Singapurra-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Red Velvet Cheese Roll

Meowjulah Singapurra


Cat-and-the-Fiddle Fickle Feline-Bestselling Assortment-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Fickle Feline-Bestselling Assortment-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Fickle Feline

Bestselling Assortment


Cat-and-the-Fiddle Fickle Feline 2.0-Bestselling Assortment-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Fickle Feline 2.0-Bestselling Assortment-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Fickle Feline 2.0

Bestselling Assortment


Cat-and-the-Fiddle Peanut Butter & Jelly-Lord P.B.J-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Peanut Butter & Jelly-Lord P.B.J-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Cat-and-the-Fiddle Thai Milk Tea-Thai Meow Tea-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Thai Milk Tea-Thai Meow Tea-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Cat-and-the-Fiddle Devil's Chocolate-Naughty and Nice-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Devil's Chocolate-Naughty and Nice-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Devil's Chocolate

Naughty and Nice


Cat-and-the-Fiddle Classic New York-Over the Moon-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Classic New York-Over the Moon-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Cat-and-the-Fiddle OREO® Cookies & Cream-The Modern Duke's Pudding-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle OREO® Cookies & Cream-The Modern Duke's Pudding-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

OREO® Cookies & Cream

The Modern Duke's Pudding


Cat-and-the-Fiddle Salted Caramel-Sweet and Smokey Taffy-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Salted Caramel-Sweet and Smokey Taffy-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Salted Caramel

Sweet and Smokey Taffy


Cat-and-the-Fiddle Lychee and Raspberry-The Emperor's Romance-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Lychee and Raspberry-The Emperor's Romance-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Lychee and Raspberry

The Emperor's Romance


Cat-and-the-Fiddle Roselle Yoghurt-Madam'Roselle-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Roselle Yoghurt-Madam'Roselle-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Roselle Yoghurt



Cat-and-the-Fiddle Tangy Yuzu & Lemon-Maneki Neko-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Tangy Yuzu & Lemon-Maneki Neko-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Cat-and-the-Fiddle Milo Dinosaur-Singaporean Favorite -Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Milo Dinosaur-Singaporean Favorite -Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

Milo Dinosaur

Singaporean Favorite


Cat-and-the-Fiddle Triple Fromage -Jiggly Fluff-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery Cat-and-the-Fiddle Triple Fromage -Jiggly Fluff-Birthday-Cheesecake-Delivery

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Reviews and Testimonials

I went to pickup from their warehouse place directly at Tai Seng industrial estate as it was a really last minute affair for my parent's birthday cake, i ordered the salted caramel one and it was absolutely indulgent and awesome! It was a perfect blend of sweet , salty and a little bitter after taste which made the cake an absolute treat, highly recommend this! Gonna try their other flavors in future!

Aaron Tan
(1 month ago)

In a nutshell, the best cheesecakes you have ever tasted. Period. I'm no food critic, but the cheesecakes simply melt the moment it touches your mouth. Each of the 12 flavours simply have that "perfect taste". From strawberry to pineapple to tiramisu, Cat & the Fiddle has truly mastered the art of cheesecakes, and it's totally worth the rather expensive $50 price.

(1 month ago)

nice cheesecake. anyone is cheese cake lover can recommend this shop as the cheesecake is moist and variety of flavor to choose.

Alvin Teo
(1 month ago)

Definitely the best cheesecake I have ever tasted! Ordered Fickle Feline for my husband's birthday and we loved it, specially the salted caramel piece which was simply terrific! The delivery was timely and the person who delivered was very friendly - " we did enjoy the cake, thanks!"

Swameeka Medhi Varma
(1 month ago)

Purchased Oreo Cheesecake for my son's birthday. Love the oreo biscuit base with the rich & creamy cheese layer.

Royhayati Md Yusof
(1 month ago)

Best cheesecakes in Singapore, tried alot of the flavours and none disappoint! Highly recommended to everyone. Sure to be the highlight of the party!!

Leon A Rdo
(1 month ago)

Have purchased many cheesecakes for my Singapore friends and they love Cat and Fiddle. I can’t wait to try it myself when I visit SG in the next year or so. Customer service has always been exemplary and delivery has been made in a timely manner. Kudos to all! From a very pleased US customer!

Sandra Geary
(1 month ago)

Bought mango and tiramisu cakes via website and self-pickup at hq. Very good customer service and cake is chilled. Adequate parking and pickup point is very convenient on first floor.

Deon Chan
(5 months ago)

Nice colour for the Queen’s birthday. A tinge of strawberry puree aroma n its tinge of sourness with cream cream complemented each other well. Hence not too sweet, a well-balanced cheesecake for those dislike too sweet.

Georgina Reiko
(1 month ago)

Ordered them for an office birthday party. Love the idea that we can order different slices within the cake itself, AND that the slices are readily sliced for easy distribution. My favourite was the orange yuzu one.

Solomon C
(1 month ago)

Got the fickle feline cheesecake which comes with 10 different flavours. Super worth it considering you get to try all the different cheesecake flavours the shop has to offer. Home delivery was really fast and on time !!

Brian He
(1 month ago)

The cakes taste great! It's mainly cheese with many different flavours. The staffs were very helpful and courteous. Recommended!

Din Neo
(1 month ago)

Tried their Once In A Blue Moon Blueberry Cheesecake and it's really nice! I highly recommend their Charred Eclipse Burnt Cheesecake. That made my heart swoon and is my top pick if you're gonna order from Cat & The Fiddle

Claudia Choo
(1 month ago)

Lovely range of flavours. Modern , hip and cheerful . Paradise for cheesecake fans.

Jasmine Adams
(5 months ago)

Bought the Gula Melaka cake and it was delicious! The taste was not so sweet so you can’t taste the creamy texture of the cheesecake. The gula melaka fragrance was also there too. Really liked the cake and the richness.

(1 month ago)

Finally a Cat & the Fiddle Cake store in the North East. Conveniently located few steps away from the LRT side of the mall entrance. Though the store is small, it has three 2-seater tables at the side, so dine-in is possible. Can't wait to try it out!

Joyce H
(1 month ago)

I like the concept being adopted by the store. On top of the ingeniously-named flavours which arouse my curiosity to try each if them, they live up to my expectations for the specialties of each of the cakes which I have tried. Keep up the good work, Cat & The Fiddle!

Rachel Lee Ruijun
(1 month ago)

My go to place for cheesecakes. Their cheesecakes are rich, flavorful and creamy. I'm always excited to try new flavors each time I'm there. The good thing about the Clarke Quay outlet is that you can purchase individual sliced cakes instead of whole ones (as the Tai Seng outlet allows for purchase of whole cakes only)

Kirstin S
(1 month ago)

They've one of the tastiest chocolate cakes (ie. Naughty and nice).

Peace-loving Cat
(4 months ago)

One of my friend's mum love cheesecakes! It was her birthday the other day and we couldn't make up our minds on what cake to get. I managed to chance upon cat and the fiddle, saw the fickle feline 2.0 and thought it was the ideal cake to get due to the different flavors and everybody could try all of them. It was the best choice I've ever made!!!! Everybody loved it, collection of cake was really convenient and easy as well! We loved all the flavors provided and everyone had a fair share of their personal favorites. Such an awesome and wonderful idea, not forgetting that it tasted delicious as well! Definitely going to order again the next time :)

Vivien Liew
(1 month ago)

Picked up my 'Naughty & Nice' cake today at Cat & the Fiddle's HQ. It's my first time trying their cheesecakes, and the staff who passed me my order was prompt and polite. The cake itself was rich, tasty and filling - would recommend and consider ordering again for another special occasion. Thanks! ^^

Mae Tan
(1 month ago)

One of the nicest cheesecake in Singapore. However, it became more expensive when it expanded. Slice piece serving wise is rather small. Price is on the rise over the years. Collection points have increased. The induction of several outlets across the island.

Clin Tan
(1 month ago)

OREO® Cookies & Cream & Blissful Blueberry My kind neighbor bought the 1 for 1 promotion. And gift us half of each flavor to try. First time trying - nice cheesecake, creamy and flavorful. Good to enjoy it for party, afternoon tea or house visiting. My children love it and their tastebuds find it just right. I can only try 1 piece at a time as I find it too rich.

Karrene Toh
(5 months ago)

I like their Modern Duke's Pudding(oreo cheesecake), not too sour, the sweetness level is just right.

Kang Juan Yeo
(5 months ago)

Bought the cakes at 1for1 deal online. Delivery was timely with polite delivery man :) Cakes were of a nice size. Not your typical cheesy cheesecake though. It is veryyyy light and airy. The yuzu and lychee flavours made up for the lack of cream cheese flavour. Yuzu one is rly good!

(5 months ago)

If you are a cheesecake fan, then you must check this shop out. They may looked ordinary, but their cheesecake was wonderful, as it was able to strike a good balance between tart and sweet. The crust was also crisp and firm enough to hold a slice. Really satisfying for our sweet tooth.

(1 month ago)

Got the burnt cheesecake from them. Taste not bad, like the softness in the cake and burnt on the cheese. Recommend their different variety too if you prefer a good mix.

Jared Leong
(1 month ago)

finally, i bought a cake fm dis shop for the vy 1st time. i chosed the apple of my eye (apple crumble cheesecake) n it did not disappoint me. it was pretty n delicious. i gave a 10/10. the service staff was polite n accomodating (gave me a candle n fork upon request). not forget to mention, the packaging (box) for the cake was cute n secure too. ovrall it was a gd buy. will patron agn in future!

C Ng
(1 month ago)

Cheesecake here is really great and really cheap as well! The packaging and the store front looks really nice and colorful as well! They have lots of flavors available here for the cheesecakes, wide variety of payment options, it is also really cheap for a slice of cheesecake! Totally worth it!

Wilfred Loy
(1 month ago)

Pricey but nice! I love Milo dinosaur the most. The extra Milo powder to sprinkle on top. Omg yummy. How pretty it is to mix all different colors of cakes.

Princess T
(1 month ago)

I order the Mao shan Wang cheesecake for my parents to try as they are durian lovers. They love it. texture is just right and it isn't too cheesy. will definitely order this again for my other durian lovers groups

IYeo Vy
(1 month ago)

Personally had a good experience here compared to their centre point outlet - the cheesecake did not taste frozen or had its texture changed from being stored in different temperatures. The ladies behind the counter were efficient in packing the order. Will buy again if I pass by!

Claudia Crumbs
(5 months ago)

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4.3 (317)


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