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ON Mar 31, 2023

This Ramadan is made different because CAT is launching Singapore’s FIRST Arabian Kurma Cheesecake. Let’s buka puasa with the BEST Cheesecake!

Whilst waiting for the break of dawn, let’s learn with CAT about the history and significance of Deglet Noor Dates that we use in our kurma cheesecakes!

Deglet Noor Dates and our Kurma Cheesecakes

Known as “Date of Light”, these dates are known all over the world due to their translucent colour. They are so clear that the seed can be seen when you hold them against the sun! These dates are described to have a similar taste to cashew and browned butter and are a comparatively less sweet flavour profile than other dates. Thus, our made-from-Deglet Noor Kurma cheesecakes are perfect for those that have never tried dates and would like to give them a try!

Proud to announce the FIRST ever halal-certified kurma cheesecake in Singapore, made with 100% premium date paste sourced from Saudi Arabia and pieces of pitted Deglet Noor Dates. The Great Date is launched specially for the month of Ramadan as a delectable treat to indulge with your loved ones.

Be prepared to be WOW-ed just by the looks of it! Sitting on top of a moist base of cake lays a beautiful layer of enriched date cream cheese. To add to the final look, we topped it off with finely chopped pecan nuts to give that extra ‘Oomph’. The smooth and creamy cheesecake contrasted with the fibrous texture from the date interspersed with crunchy bits of pecan nuts provides the palate with textural enjoyment. We foresee this cheesecake to win the hearts of many of our customers in Singapore. After all, It is the perfect treat to enjoy whilst providing essential nutrients your body needs to last the day.

Aside from its rich texture and flavour, did you know that Noor Dates are among the healthiest dried dates you can consume? These light-brown oval shape fruits are an abundant source of vitamins, fibres, antioxidants, and minerals; making them a nutritious & fantastic snack for any time of the day. Thus, be it for the break of the fast or pre-dawn treat, a slice of our Kurma Cheesecake will give you the energy boost you need to get through the day!


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A small message from CAT

We hope you enjoy our Kurma cheesecake just as much as we had the joy of making them! Since Ramadan is about giving back and spreading joy, share a slice with your loved ones by ordering yours today!

With that said, CAT wishes our Muslim friends a fulfilling Ramadan ahead! CAT loves you to the Ramadan moon and back!

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