Happy Mother's Day!

ON Apr 03, 2023

We owe it all to our unsung supermoms. Let’s face it, we would not be here without them. With Mother's Day around the corner, do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a spectCATular cake to celebrate with your beloved mommy. Opt for our delivery options and surprise your super cool MOM with their favourite cheesecakes. Each flavour is perfectly made with love and suited to all types of moms - from sporty moms to fashion moms to stay-at-home moms!

For your fiercely stylish mom, CAT recommends our Dark Chocolate cheesecake, also known as 'The Feline Seduction'. Dark chocolate is usually associated with sophistication, luxury, and indulgence due to its rich and intense flavor. Suitably, a mother with a glamorous lifestyle will surely enjoy its mouth-watering flavors.

For sporty moms, we recommend Tangy Yuzu, known as 'Maneki Neko'. The silky cream cheese is infused with the vibrant, citrusy tang of the Yuzu fruit. Similar to your sporty mom, the Tangy Yuzu stimulates freshness, boldness, and liveliness in your tastebuds. Suitable for a mother who enjoys all the thrills in life!

For stay-at-home mothers, they will definitely love the Apple Crumble cheesecake - 'Apple Of My Eye'. The heavenly cream cheese filling is adorned with fresh seasonal green apples and jazzed up with spicy hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. These are perfect for mothers who prefer the comfort of their homes after a long day of massive workloads and house chores.

Lastly, for health-conscious moms, our newly launched The Black Sesame cheesecake, 'Kai Sass-A-Meow'. This cheesecake will immerse your taste buds in multitudes of Black Sesame flavors. The cheesecake filling is a smooth, creamy mousse cream infused with soy milk and black sesame. Additionally, it carries many health-promoting properties. Perfect for a mother who is mindful of her health and prioritises their well-being. 

Black Sesame (Kai Sass-A-Meow)

Be prepared to satisfy your taste buds with our Black Sesame cheesecake. This black sesame is a gorgeous non-baked cheesecake packed with a fun play on flavours. The mixture of delicious creamy black sesame and soy milk mousse cream brings a nutty sweetness to the cake. With the complement of mouse cream’s richness and nutty flavour, the best part is ending with a slightly salted aftertaste to complete the entire rich experience in a cake.

This cake is decked with an abundance of premium quality ingredients, decorated with chantilly cream and topped off with roasted black sesame powder for the extra flavour and “OOMPH”! The base of the cake is supported by OREO® Cookies which gives you that extra sweetness and crunch with every bite. Not only is this cake pleasing to the eyes and so delicious, it also holds an abundant source of vitamins, fats, fibres, antioxidants and minerals, making it a nutritious & mouth-watering dessert for any time of the day.

Mother's Day Deals

To commemorate the much anticipated Mother's Day, CAT is collaborating with Malaysia's homegrown brand, Christy Ng. We are offering bundle deals that include a cake and Christy Ng chic tote bag just for the Queens! For a limited time only!

The tote bag design will include the brand's interlocking initials, reworked in stylized form. The repetitive motif of the signature CN logo is illustrated in hyper-saturated basic hues for a distinctive and sleek look. This sustainable tote bag will be available in five colours - beige, black, brown, green, and pink. Moreover, it is lined with a water-resistant coating and reinforced with canvas linings at the edge to keep your belongings safe.

Besides being fashionable, these tote bags are also practical. Making this tote bag a must-have item for your mom's day-to-day essentials. It's ideal for carrying groceries or as a statement piece for her night out with her girlfriends.

A message from CAT to all Moms

On this momentous day, CAT wishes all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! Our mothers play a significant role in shaping the lives and the values of their children. We thank all mothers for their unwavering love, support, and patience in raising us to be the adults we are today!

CAT loves you! <3


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