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ON Jun 24, 2022

Too many options to choose from and can’t decide on the perfect cake for her? That is why we are here to make things easier for you!

At Cat & the Fiddle, we have over 20 flavours for you to choose from but we have specially picked out a few which will be perfect for her!

1. For the beautiful and youthful - The Emperor’s Romance - Lychee & Raspberry

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful of them all? That’s right, she is! And that is why she deserves the prettiest cake of them all.

‘The Emperor’s Romance’ is a non-baked Lychee and Raspberry cheesecake that is fluffy, creamy and aesthetically pleasing!

This captivating concoction of lychees, raspberries and rose will certainly set hearts aflutter. The delicately flavoured lychee cheesecake sits on a buttery biscuit crust and is layered with lychee, raspberries, and finger sponge and completely concealed by a glossy lychee rose glaze with rose petals.

The name "Emperor's Romance" is inspired by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, the seventh emperor of the Tang dynasty in China, who ordered his soldiers on the fastest horses to transport lychees without rest so that Lady Yang Guifei would get her favourite fruit fresh. The lychee, together with rose and raspberries, therefore, is the ultimate symbol of love and affection.


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2. For the busy bees - Sicilian Wild Cats - Best Tiramisu

Is she a busy working mom? Or is she an independent strong woman? If so, give her that extra energy boost with an extra shot of caffeine with the World’s Best Tiramisu cheesecake!

Spiked with espresso, and constructed with mascarpone cheese, cream and espresso-soaked lady’s fingers, our rendition of tiramisu cheesecake sure doesn’t hold back the punches – prepare to be hit full-on with all those marvellously bold flavours of coffee and cheese in this non-baked cheesecake!

Our ‘Sicilian Wild Cat’ is 100% Halal-certified by MUIS as it does not contain any alcohol; however, it still encaptures the rich and bold flavours of a traditional tiramisu!

3. For the OG queens - Over The Moon - Classic New York

You can’t outdo the doer. Nothing beats the OG. That is why these OG queens deserve nothing but the best!

Introducing the one that started it all, our OG New York cheesecake! Truly, nothing comes close to this gleaming star. Delivering intense and unadulterated cheese flavour in a smooth and lush body that is enriched with fragrant vanilla beans partnered with a golden graham crust. This pristine fully-baked cheesecake will surely seduce her palate, leaving her wanting for more.

We followed the classic New York-style recipe, and we made use of fresh cheese and other palatable ingredients to make this perfect cake.

Finding The Perfect Cheesecake

Have you found the perfect one for her? We hope our recommendations have helped you and we are excited to hear about her reaction and experience with our lovely cakes! Do leave us a feedback on our Facebook page and stay tuned for more blogs!

If you are not yet satisfied with our recommendations, you can take a look at more cheesecakes here!

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