Celebrate Valentine's Day With Cat & The Fiddle

ON Feb 16, 2024

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This Valentine's Day, fall in love with Cat & the Fiddle's delicious collection. For a limited time, discover new macaron flavours with the all-time favourite selections of cheesecakes, lovingly presented in five different irresistible bundles to captivate the heart. Whether gifting or indulging, these sweet creations are the perfect way to celebrate love in its most delicious form.

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Cat & The Fiddle


The Macaron Feline Box, a delightful ensemble of six macaron flavours, combines three brand-new flavours that embody the romance and charm of the season - Tiramisu, Lychee Rose, and Orange - along with three all-time favourite flavours to complete the assortment.Honouring the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu blends coffee and mascarpone flavours in a delicate dance on the palate. Lychee Rose offers an exotic fusion, where floral rose notes and sweet, fragrant lychee unite in a tender embrace. The Orange macaron provides a zesty, citrus burst, refreshingly contrasting the sweet meringue. Each new flavour is a unique expression of love, crafted to makeValentine's Day memorable.Complementing these new additions are the beloved classics. The Chocolate macaron, rich and deep, offers a velvety cocoa experience. Salted Caramel perfectly balances sweet and savoury notes. The Pistachio variant is a nutty delight, capturing the essence of finely ground pistachios. Together, these six flavours form the Macaron Feline Box, a special Valentine's Day edition that's as unique as it is delicious.

For Cheesecake Lovers

Presenting three favourite flavours for cheesecake lovers this Valentine's Day, each a symbol of love and indulgence. The Sweet Strawberry Cheesecake, a must-try for strawberry enthusiasts, blends the sweetness of strawberries with luxurious cream cheese, featuring Japanese strawberry bits on a golden crust, all crowned with a luscious strawberry pure glaze. The Luscious Lychee Cheesecake, an enchanting mix of lychees, raspberries, and rose, topped with a crystalline glaze and crimson rose petals, creating a non-baked, fluffy, and visually stunning dessert. Lastly, for the chocolate devotees, the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake offers a decadent experience with its rich composition of 70% dark chocolate and intense pure cocoa, layered with chocolate sponge and dark chocolate cream cheese, all enrobed in a dark chocolate ganache and dusted with cocoa powder.For a visual treat, adorn the cheesecakes with Valentine's Day-themed cake toppers featuring CAT by Cat & the Fiddle.

Cat & the Fiddle Romantic Bundles


Cat & the Fiddle's array of deliciously new and all-time favourite flavours of macarons and cheesecakes are now available in five romantic bundles to delight and enchant, while stocks last. Select to your heart's content from these lovingly assembled packages, featuring Cat & the Fiddle's adorable CAT plushies in two sizes, and beautifully complemented with flowers.

$48.90 Sweet Romance Box:

1 Macaron Feline box
1 slice of Sweet Strawberry Cheesecake
1 slice of Luscious Lychee Cheesecake
1 slice of Dark Chocolate Cheesecake
1 CAT Plushie (Small)

$88.90 Enchanting Love Duo Box:
1 Macaron Feline Flower Box

$138.90 Romantic Symphony Box:
1 Macaron Feline Flower Box
1 Luscious Lychee Cheesecake (Whole)

$135.90 Sweetheart Symphony Box:
1 Macaron Feline Flower Box
1 Sweet Strawberry Cheesecake (Whole)

$109.90 Eternal Love Embrace Box:
1 Macaron Feline Flower Box
1 CAT plushie (Medium)

The special treats are available this February, while stock lasts, at all Cat & the Fiddle's retail outlets and online store. Terms and conditions apply.


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