Your Birthday Cake Delivery Service in Singapore

Is the day of your birth right around the corner? Are you wondering which of the many birthday cake flavours to choose from? Your birthday is that one day you are allowed, on all counts, to eat as much sugary goodness as you want! 

At Cat & the Fiddle, we know cakes. You might say we know cakes like the backs of our hands, if we studied the backs of our hands every day for hours on end over many years. Here’s the bottom line - we know cakes really, really well. So if you’re up in the air as to which birthday cake flavour you should go for that’s guaranteed to send you to taste heaven, you really can’t go past a cheesecake. Here are a few solid reasons why!

4 reasons why a cheesecake is the perfect birthday cake for a celebration

1. The taste… oh man, the taste!

It doesn’t even matter which of the many flavours you go for; strawberry (Queen of Hearts), chocolate (Naughty and Nice), or red velvet (Red Riding Hood). You are sure to absolutely love the taste. If you have guests over to celebrate your birthday with you, they’re bound to love it too (or do it solo and enjoy leftovers yourself!). 

2. Fickle up an assortment and please everyone

Now, while everyone at your birthday is definitely going to adore the taste of any of our cheesecakes, taking advantage of Cat & the Fiddle’s assortment cakes which include 10 slices of cake, each with a different flavour is bound to delight! Or if you really want to make an impact, send out a link to our cheesecake page and ask your guests to tell you their choice. We’ll build something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

3. It has a rich history

People have been making cheesecakes for a while, and not just the last few hundred years either. In fact, the first mention of the popular dessert dates all the way back to the 5th century BC in ancient Greece, in what would be called a recipe book on the art of making cheesecakes by a physician called Aegimus. 

Considering it’s been made for 2,500 or so years, it’s obviously something that’s really quite special to us humans.

4. You know you’ll be eating quality cheesecake!

Let’s now address the ‘celebrating at home’ point. Celebrating your birthday with a night out can get pretty repetitive - and, let’s face it, tiring - over the years. Plus, you’re never more comfortable than when you’re in your own home. Add to all that the total unknown of ordering a birthday cake you’ve never tried before from the place you’re at and not knowing how good it’ll be. You’ll easily see why inviting a few of your friends and family over with a delicious birthday cake delivered to your home in Singapore is the best way to celebrate!

Enjoy birthday cake delivery to your door

The last thing you should be doing is stressing on your special day. Let us take care of your birthday cheesecake - whatever your flavour preference - and arrange delivery right to your door wherever you are in Singapore, allowing you to truly enjoy yourself. So check out what cheesecakes are on offer at Cat & the Fiddle and place your order today for a worry-free birthday celebration.

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