Top 5 Cheesecakes by Cat & the Fiddle

Do you have a sweet tooth? If you love luscious, baked goods, then you are in for a treat! Cheesecakes are luxurious and decadent desserts - they can be hard to resist. Whether you like your cheesecakes creamy, fluffy, light or traditional, Cat & the Fiddle offers them all. 

Not only are these melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes tastefully made with a range of fresh ingredients, they are available for everyone to enjoy. Cat & the Fiddle’s range of cheesecakes are not halal cakes you can enjoy with your Muslim family and friends. 

In the mood for a cheesecake? Treat yourself to any one of the top 5 cheesecakes by Cat & the Fiddle today. 

1. The Modern Duke’s Pudding - Oreo Cheesecake Singapore 

Only the best oreo cheesecake in Singapore, The Modern Duke’s Pudding beautifully pairs crunchy chocolate cookies with thick cream cheese. Far from ordinary, the cheesecake is a textural experience - giving you the best of both worlds as you sink your teeth into fresh cream cheese that is evenly interspersed with nostalgic Oreo cookie bits. 

Dessert lovers who fancy a classic cookie-based cheesecake can expect delight with The Modern Duke’s Pudding. A good balance of crunch factor and sweetness, try the best oreo cheesecake in Singapore today. 

2. Over The Moon - New York Cheesecake 

If you have never tried a cheesecake before - Over The Moon is a good choice! A fully-baked New York Cheesecake, the flavours are simple but wholesome. Rich and dense, Over The Moon has a creamy and satiny texture. Made with fresh cream and vanilla beans, this American inspired New York Cheesecake is one for the true cheesecake lovers in Singapore.

Perfect for a tea-time snack, have a slice of the Over The Moon cheesecake with some warm tea. 

3. Milo Dinosaur Cake 

Remember Milo Dinosaur? The famous Iced Milo heaped with milo powder? Cat & the Fiddle’s Milo Dinosaur cake is an Asian-inspired decadent cheesecake that brings back nostalgic memories of drinking the Milo milkshake in Singapore. A no-bake, the milo cake has all of that malt goodness that you love about chocolate treats. 

All of our halal cakes are available for delivery - so you can enjoy this creamy and devilishly good cheesecake. 

4. Maneki Neko - Japanese Lemon Cake

Like your cheesecake with a twist? Known for a wide range of cheesecake flavours, the Maneki Neko Yuzu Lemon Cake from Cat & the Fiddle is a Japanese-inspired cheesecake that comes with a tangy citrus twist. Delicately balancing the luscious cream cheese with the citrus flavours, the Maneki Neko is a refreshing take on an otherwise classic cheesecake. 

Perfect for warm weather, the fresh and vibrant Yuzu makes it a delicate and light dessert. Indulge yourself today! 

5. King Cat of the Mountain - Best Durian Cake 

If you love durians, the King Cat of the Mountain will definitely tickle your taste buds! Opulent and savoury, this is one of the best durian cakes in Singapore. Visually arresting, the King Cat of the Mountain cake celebrates the sweetness of the Mao Shan Wang durian. A combination of durian studded cream cheese with sweet spongy cake, this cheesecake is for the most passionate durian eater! 

Order the King Cat of the Mountain cheesecake from Cat & the Fiddle today! 

Halal Cakes Online - Enjoy Easy Cake Delivery 

There is no better feeling than having a slice of your favourite cheesecake along with some cup of joe on a sunny afternoon. Cat & the Fiddle offers an efficient cake delivery service across Singapore - all you have to do is to put in an order for your favourite halal cakes online! With our Flexi Delivery option, ordering online cheesecakes has never been easier. 

Indulge in all our signature flavours today. For more information on our online cake delivery, reach out to us here. 

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