Cat & the Fiddle's New Lord P.B.J

Cat & the Fiddle has collaborated with household favourite, SKIPPy® Peanut

Butter, to create the all-new 'Lord P.B.J' - a mouth-watering peanut butter

and jelly cheesecake that is only available from June to August 2022.

Lord P.B.J is every peanut butter lover's dream. This no-bake cheesecake

features an indulgent combination of SKIPPy®' proprietary creamy peanut

butter and Cat & the Fiddle's signature cream cheese atop a crumbly biscuit

base for textural contrast. Dressed in a rich and smooth peanut butter glaze

with strawberry swirls, this irresistible creation studded with strawberry jelly

cubes promises a fine balance of sweet and savoury in every bite.

From now till 30 June 2022, customers may also enjoy 15% off Lord P.B.J whole

cheesecake by quoting 'SKIPPy' at checkout for both online and in-stores


Available online and at all Cat & the Fiddle outlets island-wide.

ByKido Feature - Cat & the Fiddle collaborates with SKIPPY for PB & J lovers
Cat & the Fiddle is collaborating with household staple, SKIPPY® Peanut Butter...
Avenue One Feature - Enjoy 15% OFF the Cat & the Fiddle X SKIPPY® peanut butter and jelly cheesecake!
Cat & the Fiddle partners with household favourite...

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