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From the culinary mastermind of Award-Winning Celebrity Pastry Chef Daniel Tay comes Cat & the Fiddle – Singapore’s First and Foremost Premium Cheesecake Retailer. At Cat & the Fiddle, you’ll find a diverse selection of 20 varieties of gourmet cheesecakes comprising faithful classics, Asian and local-inspired creations like Mao Shan Wang Durian Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake, and Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake. Don’t miss out on the specially-composed medleys of their best-sellers, Fickle Feline, so you get to try 10 spectacular flavours in one neat cake!  Perfect for birthdays, special occasions, and simply indulging, Cat & the Fiddle has every cheesecake lover’s whim and fancy catered for.

Key Services:Cakeshop with online delivery service
Address:8 Burn Road, #01-01, Trivex, Singapore 369977
Phone:6287 0077
Email:[email protected]
Operating Hours:Weekdays: 10 am – 7 pm
Weekends: 10 am – 5 pm

Key Differentiators:

  1. Cat & the Fiddle was launched in 2014 by award-winning pastry chef Daniel Tay, one of the most well-known figures in the local pastry scene. 
  2. The brand is known for its whimsical take on cheesecakes (Specializing in Asian inspired flavours including Milo Dinosaur, reminiscent of the beloved local chocolate drink, Gula Me Gusta featuring the traditional ondeh-ondeh, and Madam’Roselle with Roselle tea and yoghurt)
  3. Cat & the Fiddle is also pleased to announce that all its cheesecakes are now certified Halal by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS).  

Client Testimonial:

More cheesecake flavours to choose from @catandthefiddlecakes and this is their latest addition, Gula Me Gusta (900gm for S$48.90). The moment I opened the box, I could smell the fragrance of pandan and coconut! For sweet tooth lovers, you can try this pandan-infused cream cheese on gula melaka sponge cake topped with gula melaka glaze and generous sprinkle of grated coconut. I paired it with a homemade chrysanthemum drink (no sugar added) to balance the sweetness. And the best part, they are now halal-certified! Available on their online store or outlets at The Central, Westgate and Junction 8

– Hazeldiary

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Helmed by one of the most well-known pastry chefs in Singapore, Daniel Tay, is the co-founder of Cat & the Fiddle that bakes one of the best cheesecakes in Singapore. A household name since 2014, known for their cheesecake which incorporates Asian flavours, such as Mao Shan Wang, Horlicks and Milo...
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