From the cheesecake specialist by pastry chef Daniel Tay comes this beautiful creation — the imaginatively named Charred Eclipse ($48.90/cake), which comprises of a smooth, lavish body that layers rich cream cheese and Martabak cheese for an intense flavour that’ll have you going back for more. Sweet, savoury, and slightly toasty, all rolled into one. You can also pick up any of their other Halal-certified varieties of gourmet cheesecakes, whether it’s a New York-style, Oreo classic, or one of their bestselling options, a medley of 10 flavours in one cake.

Cat & the Fiddle, available online. Islandwide delivery available. Delivery fees — $6.90 ; free delivery for order over $90.

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As the brainchild of award-winning patisserie Daniel Tay, Cat & the Fiddle is the first dedicated cheesecake store in Singapore....
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If you're in love with cheesecake right now and don't have time to make your own, you can always rely on Cat & the Fiddle's halal-certified Asian-inspired cheesecakes to satisfy your sweet tooth!...

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