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1 May 2018
Singapore’s only premium online cheesecake speciality store, Cat & the Fiddle celebrates mothers with the ‘Queen of Hearts’ cheesecake ($38.90 for 1kg).
28 March 2018
Looking for that perfect birthday cake idea? What about a premium, mouthwatering cheesecake. We’ve found one of the best places in Singapore to taste this classic favourite with an Asian twist.
27 February 2018
Cat & the Fiddle is the brainchild of Chef Daniel Tay, one of the most well known names in luxury desserts in Singapore. You can find a diverse selection of 17 varieties of gourmet cheesecakes...
19 January 2018
Cat and the Fiddle was established in 2013, becoming Singapore’s first online premium cheesecake retailer known for its exciting and innovative flavours such as the Sweet and Smoky Taffy ($32.90) ...
15 January 2018
你是“芝士蛋糕控”吗?糕点师傅郑宏坤(Daniel Tay)自2014年开创“Cat & the Fiddle”芝士蛋糕网络专卖店,积累了一定的人气。
16 October 2017
“It was born out of two things – my passion for creating some of the best cheesecakes in Singapore, and wanting to continue my relationship with my customers who love my cakes and bakes...
14 October 2017
This online retailer offers 17 types of cheesecakes, with tempting options such as Oreo cookies and cream, Mao Shan Wang durian, chocolate, and sea salt caramel. Our favourite is the Fickle Feline...
23 September 2017
Known for their expertise in all manner of cheesecakes, Daniel Tay’s Cat & the Fiddle has joined the Mid-Autumn festival fray with five different snowskin cheesecake mooncakes.
10 September 2017
Cheesecake specialist Cat And The Fiddle has rolled out five mini cheesecake snowskin mooncakes, each embossed with a cat. Flavours are blueberry, strawberry, cookies and cream, chocolate and durian.
10 September 2017
These inky mooncakes remind us of, er, moon rocks. Each orb is filled with lotus paste mixed with Mao Shan Wang durian flesh, and a white chocolate shell in the middle stuffed with cream cheese.
22 August 2017
Online cake retailer, Cat & the Fiddle, has cleverly turned the nation's beloved local drink, the Milo Dinosaur, into a glorious cheesecake rendition.
4 August 2017
Mooncakes and cheesecakes - now that's something to think about! Cat & the Fiddle is a Singapore-born brand by Pastry Chef extraordinaire, Daniel Tay.
18 May 2017
Some days, all you feel like doing is sitting at home and eating cake. So why not get some delivered for this task – or perhaps for a special occasion? Cat & The Fiddle is Singapore’s first online
11 May 2017
Cat & The Fiddle, with Nature's Farm, has come up with one of the most refreshing cakes for Mother's Day. The Queen Bee ($55.90) is a cheesecake with ingredients most mothers will appreciate:...
4 May 2017
[MUKBANG] Cheesecake with 10 Flavors!! - Eating yummy cheesecake with 10 different flavors! =)
4 May 2017
This Mother's Day, online cheesecake specialist Cat & the Fiddle has teamed up with Nature’s Farm to create a new limited-edition cheesecake: The Queen Bee. Made with Nature’s Farm® NF Reserve UMF
3 May 2017
We know that being a modern mom is pure hard work. She not only has to grind through the daily work and housework, she needs to, above and all, take care of her children upbringing. This juggling of..
2 May 2017
Let’s admit it, a meal isn’t quite complete without a sweet treat at the end of it. Here in Singapore, there are countless bakeries offering up decadent, sweet treats but if you’re looking for a.....
26 April 2017
Working together with Nature’s Farm, Cat & The Fiddle has created a special cheesecake for Mother’s Day using the former’s UMF 5+ Manuka Honey. Known as the Queen Bee, the toothsome graham-based..
18 April 2017
This coming Mother’s Day, Cat & The Fiddle’s Pastry Chef Daniel Tay has teamed up with Australian brand Nature’s Farm to introduce a limited edition “Queen Bee” Mother’s Day Cheese Cake using...
17 April 2017
I am a big fan of the cheesecake by Cat & The Fiddle, especially their Fickle Feline. That’s my ultimate favourite ever since I tried them 3 years ago. Ever since, I am a faithful returned custome
12 April 2017
Sorry Bey, but our mums are the original Queen Bees - remind her of the special role she has in your life with this refreshing cheesecake with Manuka honey mousse topped with osmanthus and goji...
1 April 2017
Staring at its cakes alone is diabetes-inducing. But for those of you who want to indulge in a glorious and satisfying treat on your special day, then look no further. Cat and Fiddle offers.....
10 February 2017
9 February 2017
While roses and stuffed toys are the norm on Valentine's Day, a tastier and more practical gift would be pastry.
29 December 2016
To take his Asian-inspired cheesecakes to the global market, the pastry guru is investing in automated technology – but not at the expense of jobs....
25 November 2016
Online patisserie Cat & the Fiddle makes merrymaking a warm and boozy affair this Christmas with this year’s Christmas Cheesecake creation. Titled Happy, Merry, Boozy!, the dish is a decadent....
27 October 2016
Singapore’s first online specialist cheesecake store Cat & The Fiddle has introduced a fun concept that allows customers to add a personal touch to the cakes and it goes beyond putting a Happy...
13 September 2016
If you’re a fan of cheesecake, look no further, mama! Cat & The Fiddle offers over 15 different varieties of creamy goodness; among our faves are “Naughty and Nice” (Devil’s chocolate cake topped.
18 August 2016
Birthday boys and girls who prefer creamy cheesecakes have a smorgasbord of options to pick from, like the classic Over The Moon New York cheesecake or the perennial favourite Oreo cheesecake...
21 July 2016
Food is always viewed as a unifying cultural thread in Singapore. As we celebrate the nation’s 51st birthday in August, local online bakery Cat & the Fiddle pays tribute to Singapore and all thing
12 May 2016
Originally planned for Mother’s Day, Cat & The Fiddle‘s latest Fickle Feline 2.0 brings together a vibrant celebration of ten different slices of cheesecakes...
8 May 2016
Chef Daniel Tay is another who is pushing the boundaries in the food industry. The founder of Bakerzin sold the French-style bakery chain in 2007, but managed it until end-2013. Shortly after...
7 May 2016
Cheesecake lovers rejoice! Cat and the Fiddle is an online cake store in Singapore specialising in gourmet cheesecakes, and boy do they really leave you spoilt for choice with their wide array...
6 May 2016
It’s such an honour to be invited to Chef Daniel Tay’s home-cooked dinner and a treat to Cat & the Fiddle’s new cakes. That’s right, the brains behind Cat & the Fiddle is none other than Danie
19 April 2016
Having a whole cake with only one flavour may not be your cup of tea, so why not have 10 flavours at once?Singapore’s only online cheesecake specialist Cat & the Fiddle presents Fickle Feline 2.0.
16 April 2016
Chef Daniel Tay is another who is pushing the boundaries in the food industry. The founder of Bakerzin sold the French-style bakery chain in 2007, but managed it until end-2013. Shortly after...
31 March 2016
21 February 2016
It’s all about cheesecake here, with over a dozen different cheesecake confections to choose from – blueberry, mango, caramel, coconut, Oreo, classic and so on. Prices range from around $20 to $39...
12 February 2016
Chefs from Lewin Terrace and ilLido at the cliff at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & spa share their secrets to creating romantic Valentine's Day menus. Plus, food gift ideas from Da Paolo...
5 February 2016
If you’re looking for quality cheesecakes to enjoy with your loved one, Cat & The Fiddle has what you want. The Emperor's Romance ($36.90) is a luscious cheesecake blended with Martini and...
22 January 2016
Born from Chef Daniel Tay who also founded Bakerzin, Cat and the Fiddle is an online store that sells cheesecakes in loads of different flavors. Their cheesecake is light, creamy and comes in so....
21 January 2016
Si votre péché mignon, ce sont les desserts et les cheesecakes en particulier, alors voici une adresse qui devrait vous plaire. La compagnie propose une large gamme de parfums variés à partir de...
4 January 2016
This yummiest cheesecake came from Singapore's first online cheesecake store "Cat & the Fiddle", the brains and creative spark behind it is none other than Singapore's iconic dessert Che
24 December 2015
另外网上蛋糕店也创新。这一款以十种不同口味的芝士蛋糕结合为一的蛋糕,在圣诞期间颇受欢迎,这个月卖出至少2000多个,比平时多四倍。 顾客还能另外选购圣诞装饰,自己DIY设计蛋糕。业者表示...
23 December 2015
Best 5 Shops for Cake Delivery in Singapore...The main chef at this place is chef Daniel Tay, who had won many awards such as a gold medal at the World Pastry Cup in Singapore in 1996 and...
20 December 2015
I have never believed in spending a bomb to hold extravagant birthday parties for my kids as I want them to appreciate the simple things in life and that special days are meant to be spent with...
18 December 2015
There’s always room for cheesecakes amidst all the Christmas feasting and Singapore’s only online cheesecake specialist, Cat & the Fiddle will be offering two special festive flavours to celebrate
16 December 2015
Any cheesecake lover will thank the heavens that Cat & The Fiddle decided to set up shop as Singapore’s first online specialist cheesecake store. Offering premium cheesecakes in 15 specially creat
9 December 2015
Singapore's food and beverage scene is a challenging one, with fierce competition and high labour costs. Some companies, however, have managed to thrive, and are spreading their wings abroad to gain..
7 December 2015
The Christmas special is an all chocolate Naughty Nice option featuring a velvety chocolate cheese mousse on a decadent devil’s chocolate sponge base, brownies dices and glistening gold powder..
7 December 2015
Fickle Feline ($38.90), which features one slice of 10 different flavours (Yuzu lemon & lime, Oreo, strawberry, salted caramel, tiramisu, Pina Colada, mango & vodka, lychee-Martini…) to make o
6 December 2015
Daniel Tay's Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecakes are not missing out on the fun either. They have two Xmas selections and my pick of the two is this cheekily titled Berry Berry Nice Cheesecake. Full of...
3 December 2015
The go-to for cheesecake fiends, ex-Bakerzin founder Daniel Tay offers ten flavours of the versatile dessert for delivery orders from his own webstore. Unique flavours include the....
26 November 2015
If you’ve been good all year, and feel like indulging just a little at Christmas, then let your hair down with Naughty and Nice Cheesecake! Chocolate lovers in particularly will enjoy this: a....
23 November 2015
This is everything a Devil’s cheesecake should be; it’s moist, sinful, and oh-so-chocolatey. There’s also a curious ice-cream like texture to the cake, which makes it even more indulgent...
3 November 2015
SG50 Deliciously Singaporean: Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake
1 November 2015
Sometimes, simple is best. This mauve dessert nails the classic cheesecake with sweet-and-tart layers of blueberry jelly and mousse.
21 October 2015
Why are their cakes so special? Firstly, Cat & The Fiddle is founded by Daniel Tay and all their gourmet cakes have been expertly crafted by him. He was 1992-1994 Salon Culinaire Silver Medal.
12 September 2015
I came to know of Cat & the Fiddle through one of my friends who loves cheese cake. We had some plans last year to order and share among ourselves but this plan has been at the back of our mind...
30 June 2015
I am not an Oreo cheesecake fan to begin with because it’s too dry and sweet most of the time, but this is pretty well done. One of the best Oreo cheesecake that i had...
25 June 2015
One of the best Oreo Cheesecake I ever tried. Smooth and creamy rich cheese texture mix with the crunchy Oreo cookies is truly prefect. For someone who are more adventurous, wanna try out most...
17 June 2015
I still helped myself to slice after slice which came up to about a quarter of the cake. :X I can't wait to find an occasion and order other cheesecakes! Especially Lychee Martini and Fickle Feline!
30 May 2015
I am not a fan of pastries, cakes, bread and the likes but I absolutely love this cheesecake! This is what we ordered…
7 May 2015
Who can resist Cheesecake? Not me or anyone in my family and when you stumble on something really good, you have just got to share it with everyone!
7 May 2015
It is Mother’s Day this coming Sunday! Have you prepared your Mother’s Day Gift yet? Looking something sweet yet affordable but can’t seemed to find what you want?
6 May 2015
'Apple of My Eye' gourmet cheesecake, a Mother’s Day special item from online patisserie Cat & the Fiddle.
30 April 2015
Cat & the Fiddle should really start a loyalty program. My colleagues and I have bought 5 cakes from them in just 8 months. That's 1 cake every 1-2 months! We're taking every opportunity to....
2 January 2015
Geek Café is the first physical store to sell individual slices of cheesecakes from Cat and the Fiddle.
1 January 2015
At Geek Café, one can buy electronic devices or get yours repaired while sipping on house-roasted artisinal brews and tasting Cat and the Fiddle cheesecakes.
27 December 2014
Cat and the Fiddle cakes are now physically available at Geek Café where you can try all 11 cheesecake flavours.
20 December 2014
Cat and the Fiddle releases two special creations this Christmas – Snowy Christmas and Have a Meowy Christmas!
20 December 2014
Cheesecake lovers will definitely fall in love with Cat and the Fiddle’s two limited edition Christmas cheesecakes from Cat and the Fiddle.
19 December 2014
Daniel has added a simple twist to each of his 12 cheesecakes, making it gorgeous and exquisite tasting.
11 December 2014
Cat and the Fiddle, lovingly concocted by Bakerzin founder Daniel Tay, has two limited edition Christmas cheesecakes out now!
11 December 2014
Daniel has added a simple twist to each of his 12 cheesecakes, making it gorgeous and exquisite tasting.
10 December 2014
Cat and the Fiddle has a unique range of cheesecakes that delivers 12 great flavours. The brand is all about quality over quantity.
9 December 2014
Daniel has added a simple twist to each of his 12 cheesecakes, making it gorgeous and exquisite tasting.
8 December 2014
One can get their gadgets repaired while enjoying coffee and a slice of Cat and the Fiddle cheesecakes at Geek Café.
7 December 2014
Cat and the Fiddle, is the brainchild of Daniel Tay and the online cheesecake shop sells more than 10 varieties of whole cheesecakes from $19.90 onwards.
6 December 2014
Cat and the Fiddle cheesecakes are now available at the newly opened Geek Café!
4 December 2014
You can sweeten your festive gathering this Christmas with two delectable Christmas cheesecakes!
2 December 2014
Already tired of log cakes for Christmas? How about cheesecakes in place the the festive tradition of log cakes? So cheesecake aficionados, rejoice! This Christmas, Cat and the Fiddle introduces...
1 December 2014
Fancy a touch of savoury and sweet in a single bite? Here’s epicure’s list of the best treats to impress your taste buds.
28 November 2014
Technology in a cup. Repair computers and have a cake? If you are a fan of Cat & The Fiddle’s cakes (Chef Daniel Tay is founder of Bakerzin), you can now find them in this tech shop at Marine Para
27 November 2014
Geek Café will offer 11 permanent varieties of the Cat and the Fiddle cheesecakes.
27 November 2014
Five best cake shops in Singapore, where to find the most decadent, moist and fluffiest cakes of them all...
25 November 2014
Cat and the Fiddle has made its cheesecakes more accessible to consumers by collaborating with Geek Café Singapore to sell their cakes in a physical store.
2 November 2014
Decided to order a cake from somewhere different this year for Mum’s birthday and we bought her cake from Cat & the Fiddle – introduced by my colleague, too. She’s a foodie and will often go food.
20 October 2014
Chef Daniel Tay from Bakerzin has been creating news for going lean in the booming food and beverage industry - more than say downsize, I actually applaud his gutsy move to branch out...
25 September 2014
I'd heard so much about the online venture by the founder of Bakerzin, whimsically named Cat & the Fiddle, so when we were thinking of ordering a cake for a friend's birthday...
7 August 2014
Founder of Bakerzin Daniel Tay is now generously sharing his passion for patisserie with food lovers—this time, gourmet cheesecakes—through his Cat and the Fiddle online shop, with whole gourmet...
30 July 2014
Cat & the Fiddle founder Chef Daniel Tay takes us on a mouthwatering tour of the world of cheesecakes and shows us how to make a topnotch Cookies & Cream Cheesecake.
18 June 2014
When Jayne turned five about a month ago, we threw a fabulous party for her and her friends. One of the common comments we heard from our friends was, ‘The cheesecake is SO YUMMY!
12 June 2014
Any excuse to eat cake is welcomed and I recently placed an order for one for a colleague’s birthday. Read a review on 8 Days on the cakes at Cat and the Fiddle and really wanted to give the...
1 June 2014
I knew that we could use technology to help smaller players in the industry save on production costs, in light of labour shortages and high rentals.
26 May 2014
星星国蛋糕店繁多,但细细想来,单售芝士蛋糕的店似乎屈指可数。而真正可以让你在网上完成订单流程,坐等美味到来的芝士蛋糕店,Cat and The Fiddle当属新加坡第一家。Cat and The Fiddle由新加坡最出名的本地糕点餐厅...
14 May 2014
收到这份礼物之前,已先在报章得知这个新品牌。Cat & The Fiddle最大卖点就是专门供应宅配乳酪蛋糕。此外,价格非常合理,而且口味新颖。
14 May 2014
Although he hasn't laid his pots and pans to rest entirely, renowned local chef Daniel Tay has increasingly taken on a more entrepreneurial role in the F&B industry.
5 May 2014
It’s not news that he sold his famous former cake and pastry business for a tidy sum a few years ago. He was among the first to cater to those who get no satisfaction from pandan chiffon cakes....
4 May 2014
It hasn't been that long since Mr Daniel Tay left his position as CEO of Bakerzin, the cake and pastry business he founded in 1998 and sold for a tidy sum in 2007. Mr Tay was among the first to....
4 May 2014
23 April 2014
You’re watching that episode of Friends, The One with All the Cheesecakes. You quiver with cheesecake cravings even when the scene shows Rachel and Chandler eating it off the floor but you won’t...
20 April 2014
Singapore’s first online cheesecake specialist e-shop, Cat and the Fiddle, looks set to give brick and mortar cake shops a run for their money. Cat and the Fiddle is the brainchild of Daniel Tay...
18 April 2014
The new online cheesecake venture Cat and the Fiddle by Daniel Tay, formerly of Bakerzin, is just the thing for busy folk.
14 April 2014
Creamy, comforting with just a hint of crunch, cheesecakes are the ultimate sweet treat. If you are craving for one, you can now get your cheesecake fix 24/7. Daniel Tay, founder of Bakerzin...
31 March 2014
离开创办的Bakerzin之后,郑宏坤(Daniel Tay)还是离不开对芝士蛋糕的喜爱,最近推出了网上芝士糕点专卖店Cat and the Fiddle 。Cat and the Fiddle以诱人价格售卖诱惑人心的芝士蛋糕。这些7英寸蛋糕每个大约是1.1公斤(适合6-9...
26 March 2014
This is easily the quirkiest, most adorable cake shop that’s come into the market lately. Singapore celeb baker, Daniel Tay, has just rolled out Cat and the Fiddle, a hilariously whimsical online...
25 March 2014
t has been only four months since Mr Daniel Tay left Bakerzin, the patisserie-cafe chain which he founded in 1998 and subsequently sold, but the savvy entrepreneur is already busy catering to...
23 March 2014
Cat and the Fiddle passes on the savings to customers by going online and doing away with retails space.
4 March 2014
It has been only four months since Mr Daniel Tay left Bakerzin, the patisserie-cafe chain which he founded in 1998 and subsequently sold, but the savvy entrepreneur is already busy catering to...
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