mid-autumn cat & the fiddle mooncakes

Local drinks are the inspiration behind Cat & the Fiddle‘s mooncake collection this year. Unique as they may be, the mooncakes are made with flavours that are familiar to everyone in Singapore: Kopi Gao, Teh Peng, and Bandung. But wait, there’s a surprise in store in each mooncake. In the centre of each mooncake is a white chocolate truffle that’s filled with the premium cheesecake retailer’s signature cream cheese of different flavours. You can expect condensed milk white chocolate for Bandung and Teh Peng, and dark chocolate for Kopi Gao. There’s also a durian snowskin mooncake with generous Mao Shan Wang filling for the durian lovers!

Read more on HoneyKids Asia: https://honeykidsasia.com/mid-autumn-festival-mooncakes/

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Cat & The Fiddle to sell cream cheese snowskin mooncakes from Aug 10 to Sep 10

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