Created by Award-Winning Patissier Daniel Tay.

Created by Award-Winning Patissier Daniel Tay, we deliver Singapore's Best Cheese Cakes to your door.

Perfect for birthdays, special occasions and simply indulging.

One of best cheesecakes spots to visit in Singapore

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Cheesecake so good till you forget your calories

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Jiggly Fluff Jiggly Fluff
Jiggly Fluff

Triple Cheese


Fickle Feline Fickle Feline
Fickle Feline

Bestselling Assortment


Sicilian Wild Cats Sicilian Wild Cats
Caribbean Surfari Caribbean Surfari
Caribbean Surfari

Juicy Pineapples


The Russian Whiskers The Russian Whiskers
The Russian Whiskers

Juicy Mango Vodka


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