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Over the Moon

Classic New York

  • $38.90

    In Stock
Dairy Eggs Gluten Soy
Contains dairy, eggs, gluten and soy
Standard Size
Approximately 7" and 18cm / 900g / 10 slices
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New York American Cheesecake Singapore | New York Cheese Cake | Cat & the Fiddle

New York Cheesecake – The Best Cheesecake in Singapore

New York Classic American Cheesecake - Over the Moon

It might look simple, but don’t dismiss our best-selling classic Over the Moon New York American cheesecake as a plain Jane just yet. It just doesn’t bother to beat around the bush. Delivering intense and unadulterated cheese flavour in a smooth and lush body that is enriched with fragrant vanilla beans, it is no wonder that this pristine New York cheesecake has seduced countless palates in Singapore. Truly, nothing comes close to this gleaming star. Following the classic New York style recipe, we make use of fresh cheese and other palatable ingredients to make this perfect cake.

The New York Cheesecake is a fully-baked classic cake that will have you reminiscing of those nostalgic times you had with your family devouring a slice of this wonderful cheese haven during Christmas. The most popular cheesecake among our customers in Singapore, it is one of our best and certainly a must-try.

Have a bite of our classic New York continental cheesecake with rich cream cheese and vanilla beans – it is one cake you can’t get bored with. See more details of this American cheesecake below:

Order our New York cheesecake from our online shop in Singapore!

We have received tremendous positive reviews for our New York cheesecake in Singapore. Scroll through our reviews below or see more on the tab above. If you’ve tried our cheesecake, please leave us a comment!

Cheesy Tale

Since we love our American cheesecake, we’ve got a jingle just for you!

Over the Moon Cheesy Tale

Three blind mice worshipped the father of cheese
They prayed for eyesight, guide dogs and peace
They raised a statue from vanilla beans and cream cheese
A New York continental cheesecake no one would miss

Collection and Delivery

You can order your cheesecake and pick it up at our collection points in Singapore, or have them delivered to you. Click here to know more about our collection and delivery options. 

  Fully Baked 1. Refrigerate cake in freezer (<-8°C) immediately.
2. Thaw in chiller (<4°C) for 2 hours and serve chilled.
Serve within
2 days of thawing
  Do not leave cake unrefrigerated for more than one hour.
Do not re-freeze after thawing.
If stored frozen (< -8°C), serve within 2 weeks.
Wen Ting 16/07/2019

The cheesecake is so nice.

Diana 15/07/2019

Out of the 3 cakes I ordered - Over the Moon, Paws of Fury, Naughty and Nice - Over the Moon was the best. The cake portion for Naughty and Nice was pretty dry, lack cheesy taste. Good for those who do not like cheese taste. Didn't get to try Paws of Fury as I gave the cake away to another birthday girl.

Ci 09/07/2019

it was great! we enjoyed how it was creamy without being too sweet. Suggestion: perhaps can consider offering this in larger sizes since this is your signature/classic cheesecake, so it can be served for larger groups/

WooHun 09/07/2019

Delicious will come back for more though the cake size is smaller than normal

Ava Lian 09/07/2019

Good and tasty cheesecake. Only downside is that the delivery time is 1hr earlier than on the text message. However driver is nice to call before reaching

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Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best cheesecakes I can find in Singapore - on par with international shops. Tried the multi flavor one as we had different requests in the party and everyone enjoyed it. Highly recommended!

Isabelle Tran
(4 months ago)

It would be good to allow for ordering online (on a website) instead of auto-direct to the App. The app tends to hang at times and not that user-friendly too. Have been frustrated with it that I gave up ordering several times. Thanks!

Joanna Loh
(8 months ago)

Cat & the Fiddle has a really wide range of cheesecakes to choose from. The cakes are delicious, not too sweet and reasonably priced. I placed an order at night and could collect my cake the very next morning! Collection process was super easy and fast.Their location was easy to find as well.

XinYun Lim
(1 month ago)

Great choices of different flavoured cheesecakes available. I'm a big fan of the durian mao shan wang cheesecake and the naughty and nice! Will definitely recommend. :)

Sang Hee Kim
(11 months ago)

Ordered the Milo Dinosaur cheesecake for some family birthday celebrations and it was a bit! The oldies loved the twist on the traditional cheesecake with a local drink fave. The cake itself was not too sweet not too fluffy - arguably one of the best cheesecakes we've had in Singapore! Delivery was a breeze and had no issues with missing items. We're looking forward to trying more flavours!

Jo-Ann Chan
(1 month ago)

In a nutshell, the best cheesecakes you have ever tasted. Period. I'm no food critic, but the cheesecakes simply melt the moment it touches your mouth. Each of the 12 flavours simply have that "perfect taste". From strawberry to pineapple to tiramisu, Cat & the Fiddle has truly mastered the art of cheesecakes, and it's totally worth the rather expensive $50 price.

Moana Waialiki
(8 months ago)

I went to pickup from their warehouse place directly at Tai Seng industrial estate as it was a really last minute affair for my parent's birthday cake, i ordered the salted caramel one and it was absolutely indulgent and awesome! It was a perfect blend of sweet , salty and a little bitter after taste which made the cake an absolute treat, highly recommend this! Gonna try their other flavors in future!

Aaron Tan
(9 months ago)

Was really tasty and fresh cheesecake! Would recommend to my friends and definitely buy it myself again!

Alicia Xmh
(3 months ago)

Love their cheese cakes, it was so awesome. Their cakes were not too cheezy and the sweetness was just right . Will order again :) .

Sonia Chuah
(2 months ago)

Ordered them for an office birthday party. Love the idea that we can order different slices within the cake itself, AND that the slices are readily sliced for easy distribution. My favourite was the orange yuzu one.

Solomon C
(10 months ago)

Lovely cheesecakes, interesting flavours, good service, and great value. The balance of the cheese is perfect. Best eaten very cold.

Yanni Tan
(4 months ago)

4.4 (76)

4.3 (317)

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