A Guide to the Best Cheesecake for Every Occasion in Singapore

We want you to stay home and stay safe. At the same time, we will make sure you get to enjoy every significant occasion with your immediate family members or treat a loved one on their special days. 

As such, we’ve put together a guide to the best cheesecake you can find in Singapore for every occasion. You can simply order your cake online and have it delivered to your designated address. Our delivery details are available here, but before that, check out our guide below for the best picks! 

Congratulate a graduate with the Over the Moon New York Cheesecake

 For those “Over the Moon” after graduation, they deserve to be lauded for the hard work they have put in all these years. What is more significant about this cheesecake is its nostalgic factor. A traditional cake that reminds families of old-times, the Classic New York cheesecake is the perfect celebratory treat for a family. They can look back at memories, remember how far their loved one has come and look forward to future opportunities and watch them bloom!

Celebrate your wedding anniversary at home with the Emperor’s Romance Cake

A lychee and raspberry cheesecake, our charming Emperor’s Romance is a symbol of love and affection, a wonderful option for a wedding anniversary cake. We took inspiration from the seventh emperor of the Tang dynasty, Emperor Xuanzong, who had commanded his soldiers to take the fastest horses and deliver fresh lychees to Lady Yang Guifei – his beloved imperial consort. The best gift you can give your love is one that pleases both the heart and tummy – a slice of this romantic cake will be one of a kind you can find in Singapore.

Personalise a “Happy Anniversary” card too – write a heartfelt message and bless your partner with a sweet surprise!

Welcome a little one with a baby shower or gender reveal cake made from The Modern Duke’s Pudding

Organising a baby shower or gender reveal party may not be possible now but that does not take away your chance to celebrate the birth of a child. We recommend the Modern Duke’s Pudding, a youthful OREO Cookies and Cream cheesecake, for this. If your relatives and friends are waiting to learn of the gender of your baby, you can reveal it to them by adding a pram or figurine candle to the cake! For a baby shower gift you’d like to send to a mum-to-be, a cute monkey candle might add a little mischievousness to the gift!

The cake is also ideal for pregnant mothers as it is safe to eat – it is fully baked, so there are no raw eggs at all!

Enjoy a small family party with the Apple of My Eye

You can always party with your immediate family members over some board games, good music, fantastic food and blissful desserts. We’re picking the Apple of My Eye for this one – a traditional apple crumble cheesecake is all you need to bring your loved ones together and uplift the mood. If there is anyone you can rely on during this period, they would be your beloved family. So put your worries aside and spend more time with them! 

Excite your kids with a Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake 

We understand your kids may get a little cranky having to stay home most of the time during this circuit breaker period. On days when the mood is a little down, one of the best things you can do is surprise them with something different – turning Singapore’s favourite beverages into the Milo Dinosaur cheesecake is made for this. 

Order a cheesecake today and have it delivered to your home! 

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