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Jolly Horly

Creamy Horlicks

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    Dairy Eggs
    Contains dairy and eggs
    Standard Size
    Approximately 7" and 18cm / 1kg / 10 slices
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    Horlicks Cheesecake - Jolly Horly | Cat & the Fiddle

    A luscious cheesecake composed of the familiar malty goodness of Horlicks – a drink most Singaporeans grew up with as part of their childhood. Mums and grandmothers would serve up a hot cup of Horlicks as a breakfast, teatime and bed time drink and the recognisable flavour is bound to bring back wonderful memories for many Singaporeans.

    Revel in the rich malty goodness of Horlicks mixed into a delicate cream cheese and sweetened with condensed milk and sitting on a tasty biscuit base, topped with another decadent heap of white chocolate flakes.

    • Size and Weight: Approximately 7" or 18cm / 1kg / 10 slices
    • Featured Ingredients: Horlicks! 
    • Accessories: Standard Box and Carrier (Pictured), Knife Included (Purchase Candles From Add-Ons)

    Cheesy Tale

    Jolly Horly
    When Cat was a kitten that behaved well,
    Mama Cow would say, “Cat, you’ve been swell!”
    She’d give him a mug of his favourite drink
    And when Cat grew up, it made him think,
    “Would Horlicks would make a delicious cake?”
    So he head to the kitchen to see what he could bake
    Jolly Horly was born – and tasted good!
    It brought Cat back to his childhood.

    Khor Jia02/04/2019

    Horlicks cake was too sweet and mushy/soft


    Too sweet to my taste

    Alison Toh01/04/2019

    Horlick taste is not that strong, white chocolate toppings is nice too.


    The cake was delivered frozen which was great because we were planning to have our celebration the next day! Flavour of the cake was really rich and everyone sang praises of it! Would totally recommend it for Horlicks lovers!


    Bought it during the 1-for-1 sale, easy collection and amazing cake! Would recommend fellow customers to let it thaw in the open longer if you don't like eating hard cheesecakes! Otherwise, great value and taste!

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    Reviews and Testimonials

    It would be good to allow for ordering online (on a website) instead of auto-direct to the App. The app tends to hang at times and not that user-friendly too. Have been frustrated with it that I gave up ordering several times. Thanks!

    Joanna Loh
    (5 months ago)

    In a nutshell, the best cheesecakes you have ever tasted. Period. I'm no food critic, but the cheesecakes simply melt the moment it touches your mouth. Each of the 12 flavours simply have that "perfect taste". From strawberry to pineapple to tiramisu, Cat & the Fiddle has truly mastered the art of cheesecakes, and it's totally worth the rather expensive $50 price.

    Moana Waialiki
    (5 months ago)

    Slightly overrated. Had the alcoholic assorted cake, comes with four slices of alcoholic and six non-alcoholic. Very dense cheese cakes, which is nice. But size of cake is much smaller than expected, more like kids-size.

    Thomas Cheah
    (1 year ago)

    First time order their alcohol mix cakes. Very good quality and tasty cakes. Memorable ones are the lychee martini, pina colada, lemon yuzu and tiramisu. However, if tasting all, u need to leave the strong tasting ones to last else overpowering. Eg yuan yang.

    J Lee
    (7 months ago)

    Ordered them for an office birthday party. Love the idea that we can order different slices within the cake itself, AND that the slices are readily sliced for easy distribution. My favourite was the orange yuzu one.

    Solomon C
    (7 months ago)

    4.4 (54)

    4.3 (317)

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